Artist Statement

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The sculptures and installations I make are filtered through medicine, healing, and the hospital experience. Placed into a very different context, intravenous line components, drain tubes, vials, and electrodes are reconsidered. An investigation into the functions of the body, particularly the thoracic cavity, is apparent. Choosing to use these materials and to focus on this subject matter was inadvertent and came about when two immediate family members were hospitalized for multiple extended periods. For four years, I witnessed the aftermath of high-risk medical procedures and became familiar with a wide variety of nurses’ supplies.

During this time, I began to make birds from the medical supplies which were ubiquitous as I spent entire days in the hospital. The creatures are made of synthetic materials and exist in a synthetic environment, yet they behave normally, perching on hospital equipment, gathering nesting material, and the like. Questions are posed, such as: “What will happen to us when our environment is synthetic and so are we?”

Repetitive processes, like the application into molds of multiple layers of surgical tape, cotton, and paper are integral to my working method. Transformation of materials and the resulting artifice are very important. My work implies a series of contradictions. These include nature and the synthetic world that sustains us, the natural resilience of the human body and the advanced medical technology we have come to rely on, fear and sweetness, and waste and environmental awareness.