Bog, 2014
Eleven handmade birds (cast Japanese gampi paper, machine-made paper, EKG electrodes, Baxter vented spike adapter); ten handmade birds (cast Nepal paper); handmade nest (silicone tubing, polyethylene tubing, cast cotton); screen prints on polycarbonate; lightbox; medical supplies; medical trays; fabric

Room-sized, site specific

Medical supplies spew forth from glass wall cabinets onto a white fabric covered floor.  From the debris emerge eleven elegant water birds moving away and toward a large nest made of surgical tubing.  The nest sits on a hearth.  Above the fireplace is mounted a lightbox that illuminates a 19th Century anatomical lithograph of the heart.  The same image is suspended before two tall windows.  A flock of smaller black birds approaches the scene from above.  An ambient soundtrack of bird calls is heard.